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Chai Society

Chai Society Honors

Nominations being accepted until December 20, 2019


In 2015, United Hebrew Congregation created the Chai Society to honor those members who have made important contributions to the life of our UH family.  As we think about what it means to dedicate ourselves to working towards the betterment of our community and world, at United Hebrew, we celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to making our congregation a wonderful home and Jewish center.

Do you or someone you know fit this description?

We are accepting nominations for the 2020 Chai Society Honors. The criteria are simple. Tell us about someone, in 250 words or less, who best personifies what it means to contribute to the life of UH and/or the St. Louis Jewish community, and would be a worthy role model to be emulated by others.

Please give consideration to:

  • Longevity (long-term commitment to UH)
  • Leadership (held leadership positions)
  • Generosity (financial and time commitment to UH)
  • Involvement (inside and outside of UH community)

How to send in your nomination

There are two ways to nominate an individual or a couple:

  1. Fill out this form

    2020 Chai Society Nominations

    • You may also write Anonymous.
  2. or Mail in a nomination with the following information: Your name, the nominee(s)’ name and your written summary, of 250 words or less, explaining why you think you or your nominee should be recognized to:

United Hebrew Congregation
Attn: Cori Neidenberg
13788 Conway Road
St. Louis, MO 63141


Nomination process FAQs

What characteristics and accomplishments are you looking for in a Chai Society recipient?
Chai Society recipients are role models who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to United Hebrew Congregation. Past recipients come from all walks of life, but are united in their deep concern and love for the life (chai) of United Hebrew. We seek to honor those who have demonstrated selflessness, exhibited a long-term commitment to service and the betterment of UH and the St. Louis community.

What is the Chai Society nomination process?
All of the nominations we receive are reviewed. The nominations are voted on and honorees selected by a committee of UH Members and previous Chai Society recipients. The proposed honorees are then put forth to the Board of Trustees for approval. They will be announced in February.

How are Chai Society recipients honored?
At UH’s Annual Fundraiser, we recognize each recipient and present them with a special gift. The 2019 event will be held on Saturday, May 4.






Past Chai Society Honorees

Susan Allison
Andy Babitz
Fran Balk
Mike (z"l) & Sheryl Bauer
Susan Becker
Barbara Bloomrosen
Stan Bunsick
Harry Cohen (z"l)
Dave Cornfeld
Marcy & Rick Cornfeld
Jill Crane
Iris DeWoskin
Cookie (z"l) & Ed Epstein
Josh Essman
Beth Feldman
Charlie Feldman
Julie Gibbs
Ron Gieseke
Lois Guller
David Halpern
Myron Holtzman
Sherilyn & Barry Krell
Lori Lander
Felicia & Steve Malter
Jenifer Newmark
Stacy & David
H. Lee Rosenberg
Dale Schwartz
Tony Spielberg
Abby & Jim Susman
Fancine & Deane Thompson
Stan Towerman
Steven Toybes
Alan Wolff
Leslie Yoffie