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Matinee Film Series: Woman in Gold

October 11, 2017, 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Messing Auditorium and Spielberg Chapel

Join us on Wednesday, October 11 at 12 noon in the Messing Auditorium for the next program in our Wednesday Matinee Film Series for Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.  The film tells the remarkable true story of one woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage and seek justice for what happened to her family. Sixty years after she fled Vienna during World War II, an elderly Jewish woman starts her journey to retrieve family possessions seized by the Nazis, among them Klimt’s famous painting Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer I. Together with her inexperienced young lawyer, she embarks upon a major battle which takes them all the way to the heart of the Austrian establishment and the U.S. Supreme Court, and forces her to confront difficult truths about the past along the way.

Lunch, preceding the film, will include falafel chicken,  salad, seasonal sides, dessert and popcorn. Cost is $9 for UH members and $10 for non-members.

RSVP to Angie by Monday, October 9. For more information, call 314-434-3404.