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Rabbi Jerome W. Grollman Hebrew School

United Hebrew Congregation encourages every child to participate in this quality learning experience, whether or not the child is preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

The goal of our overall Hebrew curriculum is to provide students with the tools necessary to read and understand the meaning of the prayers of our liturgy and to provide a taste of the living language of Hebrew. In our formal Hebrew school program, we will place our emphasis on general Hebrew reading fluency in an effort to obtain a mastery of prayer reading. Students will also be introduced to Modern Hebrew in an endeavor to work on reading fluency and to provide a link to the modern language of the Jewish people.

The course of study

In accordance with United Hebrew Congregation policy, four complete years of Hebrew school or its equivalent, along with concurrent enrollment in religious school, is required prior to becoming a bar/bat mitzvah. At United Hebrew, our formal Hebrew School program begins with our Aleph program (3rd grade) and continues through Dalet (6th grade).

The levels of study

Level of study is based on ability rather than grade level.

Aleph – 1st year
Bet – 2nd year
Gimmel – 3rd year
Dalet – 4th year

The time of study

Students in Aleph – Dalet attend Hebrew School one day a week on either Sunday (11:30 – 1:00 p.m.) or Tuesday (4:30 – 6:00 p.m.)

Practice at home is necessary for successful completion of each level (and for the personal feeling of success in each child).


United Hebrew permits students who do not opt for our Hebrew School program to achieve their requisite Hebrew knowledge through the personal employment of an approved Hebrew tutor. There is a $40 fee for all students who are tutored. All tutors will receive the UH Hebrew Curriculum and be requested to use the same textbooks and materials in preparing students. Tutors will also be requested to send quarterly reports about the progress of the students and the frequency of sessions. This allows us to make sure that the student is receiving a sufficient Hebrew education to prepare him/her for study to become a bar/bat mitzvah and to make sure that the tutor is working in conjunction with UH’s guidelines. This expense also includes tutored students in our Siyyum HaSefer ceremony and entitles them to the resource materials and gifts for our pre-b’nai mitzvah candidates.

For additional information, please contact Laura Rosenberg in the school office at 314-434-3404.

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Rabbi Jerome W. Grollman Hebrew School