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Virtual Senior Program
How’d That Get Here? Oddities and Mysteries from the Missouri Historical Society Collections

Wednesday, August 26

Entertainment: Free 
1:00 pm on Zoom
Join us on your computer or other electronic device for a Zoom program with Hattie, Felton, Curator of Domestic Life at the Missouri Historical Society. With a collection that spans more than 150 years and numbers in the tens of thousands, the Missouri Historical Society houses some strange things! From coffin handles and snake jugs to a sculpture of a plumber and a saloon in a bottle, this presentation explores the unusual and the unknown. After you register, you will be e-mailed the link to join the interactive program on your computer or other device or the number to dial if you would like to join by phone only. You may also watch above if you don’t want to interact with people.

Registration for boxed lunches is closed. For the Zoom link register here.

Questions? Contact Martina Stern at 314-432-8050 or mstern@ti-stl.org.

This program is made possible through a grant from The Nathan Kahn-Ernestine Kahn-Charles Kahn Foundation of Congregation Temple Israel and the Women’s Auxiliary Foundation for the Jewish Aged.