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The idea of Shabbat for Jews is to separate, literally, one day from the rest of the week. You’re supposed to be engaging in very different activities: eating and socializing and enjoying a little more quiet and downtime. The essence of Shabbat isn’t about what you can’t do on this one day, it’s about what you can do on the other six if you take the time to truly restore and replenish yourself.
Each month during 2020 we will give you 5 Shabbat challenges to “Show Me Shabbat.” Remember the first time you do anything, it’s not going to feel natural, so make plans to do it at least three times. You can’t create a habit doing it only one time.
Please share with us your experiences whether it is while participating in one of the challenges or through sharing how you celebrate Shabbat in your own way.
Shabbat Challenges for January
  1. Light Shabbat Candles
  2. Say Kiddush and relax with a glass of your favorite wine or grape juice
  3. Turn off your electronics, computers, video games
  4. Make plans to come to Tot Shabbat (1/17) or Junior Congregation (1/25) with another family
  5. Volunteer somewhere
Ways in which you can #ShowMeShabbat: 
-Facebook: United Hebrew Congregation
-Instagram: @uhcstl
-E-mail: Send a photo or story to Jessy Nelson
In addition to what you post on social media, we will share some of the previous weeks #ShowMeShabbat experiences in the weekly Shabbat e-mail.