United Hebrew Cemetery, located in University City, has served the St. Louis Jewish community for more than 180 years. Since the earliest recorded history of our Jewish ancestors, our people have sought to provide honorable and proper burial for our loved ones.

Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah before Mamre. – Genesis 23:19

The founders of our congregation planned for future generations as well as themselves with the cemetery’s establishment. Today we continue their legacy in our commitment to providing a final resting place for our loved ones in a beautiful, serene setting.

Planning for death is never easy. Imagine how comforting it will be to those in mourning that you have relieved them of the burden of making burial decisions. This brochure provides general information about the United Hebrew Congregation cemetery.


Established in 1840, our first cemetery is thought to have been located at 2700 Pratte Avenue in the City of St. Louis. In 1866, Mount Olive Cemetery was purchased at the corner of North & South Road and Canton Avenue. In 1960 it was renamed United Hebrew Cemetery.

Initially surrounded by farmland, the cemetery is now four times the size of that original tract with enough land to accommodate many burials for years to come. With generations of congregants resting there, United Hebrew Congregation has a genuine sense of pride and commitment to this historic cemetery.

Why United Hebrew Cemetery?

  • Situated on 20 acres of land in University City, the cemetery is centrally located with easy access to most city and nearby suburban population centers.
  • Jewish and non-Jewish family members may be buried next to one another in all areas of the cemetery.
  • Individuals and families may choose traditional burial or interment of cremated remains.
  • Burial plots are available to both members and non-members of United Hebrew Congregation.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

All too often, families have not planned ahead and must make decisions in the midst of their grief. Some families are burdened with heavy medical bills that add to their stress, emotionally and financially. Purchasing your burial plots today gives you peace of mind and:

  • Relieves your family members of the strain of last minute arrangements.
  • Ensures that all your family members will be buried in close proximity to each other.
  • Offers you the option of extending your payments and saves money by avoiding future price increases.

Purchasing Burial Plots

United Hebrew Cemetery has a variety of desirable gravesite locations which ensure an enduring and appropriate memorial.

Memorial Garden

All stones are flat and level with the ground.

Traditional Family Sections

Four or more graves with one large family monument and small markers for each individual.

Individual gravesites

One marker for each individual or one marker for two people.

To purchase burial plots, please contact Benjamin Mazer, the Cemetery Director, at 314-427-5900.

In 1999, the United Cemetery Association was established to manage the United Hebrew, B’nai Amoona and Chevra Kadisha cemeteries, all located within one mile of each other on North and South Rd. All three are under the supervision of each individual congregation as well as the United Cemetery Association Board of Trustees.

For additional information, call UH’s main office at 314.469.0700 or the United Cemetery Association at 314.427.5900.


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