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Creative Connections

Creative Connections

Make new friends or deepen existing relationship by join one of our several small interest groups, collectively called Creative Connections. Below are the groups that have started or are about to launch. Do you have an idea for a Creative Connection group? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Judy Babitz at judybabitz@aol.com

Preschool Age Parent Group
Questions about potty training? Wondering where the best play spots are? Not sure why your kid won’t eat vegetables? Need help navigating the Pre-K sports world? Then this small group is for you! We will share experiences, information, and insights about raising young children while forming friendships and connections with parents in the same stage of life. And we might even do a bit of wine tasting while we discuss! Please contact Lindsay Melnick at lwehmer10@yahoo.com if you are interested in joining.

Calling all those creatively-minded! We meet every third Wednesday of the month, at 10:30AM at Pinspiration in the Chesterfield Valley and have already had one successful gathering. The next meeting is February 15. Come with friends or meet some new ones. Projects start at $15. If you are interested, please contact Jenny Stempel at JLStempel@gmail.com.

Getting Ready for Retirement
The group ranges for men 50 and older.  They are a mix of retirees and people who are still working and may not retire right away. They are excited about the opportunities the group can lead to new friendships with a diverse group of members who can share ideas and strategies to navigate today’s increasing challenges. Their goal is to be a mutual support group that can share ideas on approaching retirement and how to make good decisions on finances, health, activities and dealing with the future; and what that might bring for each of us dealing with multiple issues around caring for ourselves, families, and older relatives. They meet monthly where every other meeting will be topical and social.  They are also be looking to do some volunteer work in the coming months.  Contact Craig Bleyer for more information on the group at 314-402-5103 or email csbleyer@gmail.com

UH Prime Timers
If you are a single UH member 65 or older, please join us for “UH Prime Timers”.  We have fun, socialize, and enjoy the companionship of both new and familiar friends. Please join us as we have fun and enjoy our Prime Time together!  Contact Judy Berger at 314-374-5199 or Marilen Pitler at 314-225-9723, with questions or to join the group.

Photography Group
This group will meet monthly on the second Sunday of the month at 1 pm at a place selected by the group members.  Anyone with an interest in photography and a camera, from a smartphone on up, is welcome. For more information, please contact Susan Keyes at wilkeypro@aol.com.

Climate Change
Would you like to be part of a group that helps the environment? Are you a concerned citizen? Or, do you have knowledge/expertise in renewable energy, carbon reduction, conservation, etc. All are welcome! Let’s come together to learn about the issue, take action, and join others in the St. Louis community to help stop climate change. Our first meeting will be at UH on February 26th, 1pm. For more information or to join the group, please contact Diane Bleyer at bleyerd@hotmail.com or 314-402-3078.