High Holy Day Appeal 2023/5784

High Holy Day Appeal

With the summer months slowly coming to an end and the beginning of the new Jewish year, it is time to reflect on the past and move forward into the future. As Jews, we traditionally look inwardly at our own choices and behavior as well as outwardly to our family, community, our country, Israel, and our world. We explore ways in which we may wish to make changes in our lives and look ahead to the coming year with hope for good health, happiness, and prosperity. 
As Jews we don’t pray alone. We do not atone by ourselves. Rather, we do this together, standing and sitting in unison in our beloved UH sanctuary (in person and online). Being together in our sacred space reminds us of the importance of United Hebrew in our lives.  UH is an epicenter for Jewish life and living.  It is the place where Jewish identity takes shape, where people can form lifelong relationships, where we can celebrate and mourn with family and friends. Most importantly, UH is the place that so many of us call home.    
Our home is dependent on generous contributions for its ability to not only survive but thrive for generations to come. It is because of this that we hope you will be inspired to give to our annual High Holy Day Appeal.   
It is not the size of your donation that is critical, but rather your commitment to help ensure that United Hebrew will be here for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.  
You may make your gift marked “HHD Appeal” using one of the four methods of payment listed here: 

  • Check – mail to United Hebrew 
  • PayPal – go to paypal.me/uhcstl
  • Venmo – @uhcstl  
  • Website – here

With sincere gratitude, and blessings for the New Year to come. 

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