Here’s what a few of the SSECC parents think about our program.

“Gandhi said that education should seek to draw out the best in every child and man – mind, body and spirit.   At SSEC, the children are given the space (and permission) to explore all of these aspects of learning.  They are encouraged to do so in a loving fashion.  They play and you can see them discover all the important concepts on their own timeline.  What a great way to activate their desire to learn!” – Jessie McCool (Carlo, age 2.5)


“We love being part of the SSECC community because the other families and kids are so friendly.  Layla is not even 2 and already has such a close-knit group of friends! Oh, and of course because of the amazing teachers who are so loving and caring towards our kids.” – Lindsay Cohen (Jayden, 4 months & Layla, almost 2)


“I love being a part of the SSECC community because of the new and strengthened friendships it has provided me. Everyone, whether it be teachers, staff, or fellow parents, has been so welcoming, caring, and truly invested in our kids and the community as a whole. SSECC is a very special place!!” – Jaime Sprowls (Ian, 2.5 and Nora, almost 5)


“Liam’s happiness is the #1 thing that makes us happy to be a part of the SSECC community! He comes home talking about all of his friends and everything he learned each day. When walking in the building there is a feeling of calmness which makes us feel very welcome. SSECC feels like home!” (Erin Vaughn, Liam, 3)


“When you walk through the SSECC doors with your child(ren) you get a feeling, a feeling that is sometimes indescribable. It is a feeling of love, family, community, learning, warmth, care, and a sense of belonging. When you pick a school for your child you are looking for more than just a place of learning. We are so blessed to have our children attend SSECC, a second home, where they love and are so loved by the amazing team of teachers and staff. I cannot help but smile walking through the doors knowing my heart that we picked the best place possible place to shape the growth and development of our children.” – Allison Galanti (Graham, 4 and Morgan (preschool graduate), 6


“We love being a part of the SSECC family because everyone is so kind and caring.  When our daughter was born 3 months early, we immediately had families offering to have our older son for play dates and enough meals were brought over to last for weeks.  It was so comforting to be surrounded by such genuine concern for our family and we try to do the same for other families.  Whether it’s a new baby, an illness, a death in the family…we are all there for each other through the good and difficult times.  We are thankful to call UH a home away from home for our children.” – Jamie Levison (Scarlett, 3.5 and TJ (preschool graduate), 6.5)


“We love the SSECC because of the amazing teachers and staff and families! The teachers and staff are beyond caring and we are so lucky to be part of this beautiful, warm and loving community. It’s such a comfort to know that your child is safe and cared for when you drop them off at school. Jerry is always excited for school and always has a smile on his face when I pick him up. I love hearing him sing songs he has learned from school! Honestly, I can go on and on… we love our SSECC family!” – Hillary Haarmann (Jerry, 4 and Lucy (preschool graduate), 6.5)


“I love being a part of the SSECC community because it is a supportive and caring environment.  The teachers and staff take the time to get to know all of the students, and I truly feel that they are an important part of the development of my child.  It is so great to see Robert get excited when he sees his teachers and other staff members.  It is also fun to see his classmates at UH events and get to puts parents and students’ faces together.” – Lindsay Melnick (Robert, 15 months)


“The one thing that has been great for us about United Hebrew is the communication. Everyone seems to know each kid that walks into the doors. Even with our son’s bumpy transition the team always shared with us so we could help him. That’s what we have enjoyed so far about the United Hebrew Community.” – Laura Hill


“We love being part of the SSECC community because it feels like a second family to us and our kids. We know that when our kids are at SSECC they are learning, playing and most importantly- they are loved!” -Eliana Eshel (Guy, 2.5 and Shelly (preschool graduate), 5.5)

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